Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Made it through

Well, I made it through, but barely. I think the exercise has made me ravenous today. Plus this is my usual pattern - do well with good results and then give in to a treat which then sends me completely off again. Managed to avoid that path tonight. But it was tough. I was craving a big, juicy burger, sweets, anything! Managed to assuage the cravings with a snow cone and some light microwave popcorn. I've got a big lunch coming up on Friday and a Nacho Cook Off with friends on Sunday, so I need to be good the other days!
I am so sore already from exercising again. So frustrating to think that 5-6 months ago I could run 5 miles no problem. Then the foot injury and the months of sedentary behavior. Now I'm back on the exercise, but I have lost so much endurance and strength it's scary. I'm trying to take it slow and easy also - need to see if my foot can take it, and don't want to cause any other problems.
Well, off to bed now since I am wiped and I want to avoid eating anything else!

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