Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer of Fun 2013 – Part 2

After spending one night in Pasadena with Frank and Barbara, the girls and I headed off for our first beach stop – Terranea resort in Palos Verdes. It’s a beautiful resort set right on the cliffs over the ocean with great views out over the Pacific. We relaxed, swam in the pool, got pedicures, etc. Since we were there over the 4th of July, and Sean was still in California, he was able to come down around July 3rd and join us. We also spent most of the days with our good friends Shanna and Brad who live nearby in Redondo Beach. The weather could have been a bit sunnier, but it was still gorgeous. We lucked out on the 4th and got a nice, sunny but not too hot day. The English’s joined us at the resort and we enjoyed a full day at the pool followed by dinner at Nelson’s. Overall the resort was nice – a location that can’t be beat – and the food there was good. But there were some service issues that you wouldn’t expect from such a high-end place.

 Terranea property and ocean views from my balcony
Good times at Nelson's

We were supposed to head up to Carpinteria on July 6th to stay at a beach house we rented with my parents for one week. I was able to get the house for an extra night, so we headed up on Friday and met our friend Cindy and her daughter Anna there who stayed with us for the weekend. Sean was still able to be with us for that time also, and it was nice to enjoy Carp with him and Cindy. My parents decided to not come up until Monday, so it worked out perfectly. We really love Carp – it is one of the only old-fashioned beach towns left along the coast of Southern California. Yet, it is only 20 minutes from Santa Barbara, so there is plenty to do. The beach at Carp is one of the safest beaches in the country, so it is very popular with families. No undertow, small waves, easy to swim…we spend most of our time biking around, hanging at the beach, shopping, eating, and of course enjoying the delicious beers at Island Brewing Company! Cindy also went to UCSB (though we didn’t know each other there) and had never taken her daughter to visit, so we spent one day going to Isla Vista to enjoy Freebird Nacho’s, go to the UCSB bookstore, tour the campus and then explore Isla Vista. Always fun to go down memory lane, and since we used to go to Family Camp at UCSB every summer, the girls love going back and seeing it all again. The beach house we rented wasn’t very expensive and there was a reason why – it was pretty beat. It felt like the elderly owners had just died and the heirs had just stuck it on the market. We would never rent it again as it was very dated – all the furniture looked & felt like it was from the 60’s – and wasn’t outfitted well for a rental. The search for the perfect place continues…When our rental period at the house was up on Saturday, the girls & I decided we weren’t ready to leave yet. Since our rental in Burlingame didn’t start until Monday, I was able to find a place we could rent for Saturday and Sunday nights. We really enjoyed those last 2 days as the sun came out in force, and we were able to get more beach time in. I was also able to get more brewery time in with my friend Fish and her husband!

Enjoying delicious beer at Island Brewing with Sean and Cindy

Views in Carp while on my run

Rachel, Claire and Anna in front of Storke Tower on the UCSB campus
Yes, it was so tough to go to a college with a view like this!

 Frank enjoying Padaro Beach Grill for lunch on Santa Claus Lane in Carp
Downtown Carp beautiful night sky
Fun with Fish!

After Carp it was time to head up to Burlingame – the town we live in up in Northern California. The drive up takes about 5 ½ hours, but it didn’t feel that long at all. Our first rental for that part of our stay was in San Mateo Park – only a few blocks from the house we own (& have rented out) in Burlingame. The location was great as we could walk to Burlingame Avenue and we enjoyed being close to our “neighborhood”.

To be continued…

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