Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Louvre and BBQ

Last Saturday (May 5th, 2012) we enjoyed a very fun and special day in Paris. My friend L had contacted a woman who arranges scavenger hunts at the Louvre ( and asked if she could do one for a group of families. We all met at the museum, divided into teams of adults and kids (separating some family members to mix things up), were given maps of the museum, rules, and our package of items to find. Each item was worth a certain number of points, information/history about each piece of art was also given to educate, and sometimes teams could get extra points by doing something special (ie getting all 4 corners of a very large painting in the photo). We agreed on a finish time and place, and we were off. This was our first visit to the Louvre since moving to France (though we have been other times we’ve visited), and it was an interesting way to see it. Trying to find where the items were was challenging, as was keeping the kids interested. It was fun, though tiring racing around, looking for items and viewing amazing art on the way. I forgot how hot the Louvre always is! I probably saw different art than I would have on my own as I got to parts of the museum I may have never visited. It was a great experience and a lot of fun.

 Since we were in Paris, why not go to dinner? It was Cinco de Mayo and I had planned on dinner at Fajitas – a good Mexican restaurant in the 6e. But when we checked on adding more people, we soon realized there was not going to be room for all who wanted to join. So we went to a Texas BBQ joint instead where we proceeded to take over the entire restaurant. Luckily we were on the earlier side, so we weren’t inconveniencing any French people (they would arrive for dinner at the normal late hour after we had already left).

We all took the metro together from the museum to the restaurant. On the way we were treated to a metro station performance by an entire orchestra - they music was wonderful and the kids loved it!

 The restaurant is called Blues Bar-B-Q ( and is located in the 11e. We were happily surprised with the taste and quality of the food, and loved that there were pitchers of beer and even margaritas available. We squeezed in around all the tables and managed to squeeze (& I mean squeeze!) most of the adults (13 total) around a bunch of tables that we lined up, and left the kids (21 total) to the booths & other tables. The 5th grade girls quickly decided they were too cool and went to sit outside at the sidewalk tables on their own. 5th grade boys soon followed (separate table of course!). They didn’t seem to mind that it was raining out. The gal running the restaurant wisely brought the kids their food first, though we worried what would happen when they were done & we were still eating!

As the noise level grew louder in the restaurant (as more beer was consumed by the adults), more & more kids starting heading out to the sidewalk when they were done eating. At this point the rain was coming down harder and all the kids were having a blast playing in it. The adults were having a blast staying warm, drinking beer and enjoying ribs, sausage, brisket, cornbread, Mac & cheese, Texas beans, etc. The food tasted delicious and the company was great. Add in the fact that there were no French people around to be appalled at the way our crazy American children (& dads) were acting, and we were in foreigner heaven…

On our way to catch the metro home, we all had a blast running in the rain, searching for shelter. I have to say that was one of the best times in the rain I’ve had as an adult. It was just so much fun to see everyone laughing & enjoying themselves. A truly successful day/night. Thank you for organizing L!

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  1. Hey, I recognize those people! Such a fun day out and the BBQ was one French experience we won't forget.