Thursday, October 6, 2011

Checking things off the list

Today was a busy, though successful day in terms of getting things done.

First was taking the dogs to have a temperament screening at a dog hiking and boarding place. With S away living in Eindhoven I need some back-up with the dogs. So we needed to check out the place and they needed to check out the dogs to see of it would be a good match. Seems good, so that's nice. The dogs will get picked up at my house and be taken on an all-day hike - good exercise for them. I just can't get to them every day of the week so this will be fun for them. In addition I will board the dogs there when I need to go out of town and my regular dog/house sitter is unavailable. Whew! Take that stress off and give me more freedom & flexibility - yay!

Next was going to an auto broker to sell the first of our 3 cars. The fun, hardly driven 3rd car is the first to go - the Porsche Boxster. So sad to say goodbye...what a great, fun car. So worth it to have them sell it for us since it's not an insignificant amount of $$ that has to be dealt with. We can effectively cross that To Do off the list. Keep your fingers crossed that it will sell quickly.

Met with the relocation company that will be handling our move. Went through every room and had to say what was being shipped over and what was being moved to storage. Not a small job! I'm starting to feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Though I know I have it way easier than most as this company will pack everything and the company is paying for it. Still, we have a s***load of stuff and we really should go through it all first! Exactly what we ship will of course depend on the house we get in France - which we probably won't know for awhile. Depends on how big it is, if it comes with any furnishings, will any of the bedrooms be big enough for our King bed, etc. We would love to have 4 different shipments: 1 sea shipment that happens sooner, 1 air shipment that happens right before we move, 1 sea shipment right before and 1 car shipment. The car thing is tricky as the EU requires that you own a car for at least 6 months before it can be brought in. We don't technically own the Prius at all - the bank does! Hey - they offered 0% financing. How can you beat that! But it looks like we should pay the whole thing off. If we ship it over, the sooner we pay it off, the less time it will sit in storage in France waiting. If we don't ship it we still need to sell it & that would be easier to do if we own it outright. to dig up that much $ somewhere...:-)

OK 3 big things off my list today. Pretty good. A little at a time and it will all get done. Right? S has an update call with Ernst & Young tomorrow - hope they are making headway on their end on getting those Visitor Visas for the girls & I. Still haven't gotten the apostilles for R&C's birth certificates yet. Any day now...

Time to take a break and enjoy a night out with S and our friends. I'm thinking something within walking (stumbling) distance to home. Probably brewery. Since I ripped my temporary crown off this morning and had to go back to the dentist to get it fixed (in between all these other things), I deserve a TALL beer! Though I'll have to sip it through a straw to avoid my tooth. :-)

Happy Thursday all...


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